On this page you will find links to Deaf Blindness websites both here in Australia and overseas

Deafblind Information by Senses Australia This website was established to ensure that individuals living with a combination of vision and hearing impairments, their families and support members, professionals and service providers, have an accessible, web-based resource available to them.

Australian DeafBlind Council (ADBC) An important role of ADBC is to help empower people who are deafblind in regard to self-determination and self-advocacy.

Able Australia We reach out to people with multiple disabilities including deafblindness, supporting them in achieving self-fulfilment and connection with the greater community.

A Deafblindness Web Resource

A-Z to Deafblindness

DeafBlind Info (Minnesota's Online Resource about Combined Vision and Hearing Loss)

RNIB Factsheet - The Deafblind Manual Alphabet