Covid-19 Auslan videos and Transcripts

On this page you will find information on the Covid-19 virus in Auslan with related transcriptions.

Section 1

Section 1 Auslan Video

Hi to all. I will be translating this information for Karen Wickham. I’m sure many of you have felt confused about the latest situation. There has been so much information about the Covid-19 crisis, otherwise known as the Coronavirus. I am sure many of you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information that is being put out there. I have tried to gather the most important information and present it in a way that is comprehensible and useful for people who are Deafblind, their families and supports. Some of these resources are available in a plain English format accompanied by pictures to aid a clearer understanding. I am sure everyone has many questions, so you can contact me anytime via email, text, zoom, etc.
At the moment, I am still also doing face to face visits so if you are worried and need to see me, please contact me. I can also set up regular check-ins with you whilst this crisis is happening. Below are some things you might want to read and use in your own home along with information that will help keep you safe and informed.

Thank you everyone in our Deafblind community who have always supported each other and I know will continue to do so in these challenging times. Cheers for now.

Section 2

Section 2 Auslan Video

It is important that you have an up-to-date Emergency Contacts List. You can print out this list or make your own. Make sure to give a copy to your trusted neighbours, family, friends, supports, therapists and keep a copy up on the fridge, too.

You could include contact details such as email addresses, phone numbers for your support worker and their agency phone number, your Deafblind consultant, Occupational Therapist, your family and friends, trusted neighbours, police and hospital contacts, along with your doctor and medical centre. For more information, please see the link below:

Emergency Contacts

Section 3

Section 3 Auslan Video

If you are self-isolating, you can print out and put this sign on your front door. The sign states: STOP, do not visit if you have any of these symptoms: cough, running nose, fever, sore throat, vomiting or diarrhoea. You will be able to find this sign by looking up the link below:

Sign for Front Door

Section 4

Section 4 Auslan Video

Things have changed with NDIS because of the Covid-19 crisis and this information is updated daily. The link for this is below:

NDIS Coronavirus FAQ

The NDIS is saying that on the day your plan is due to expire, it will be automatically be extended by 365 days.

If you are happy with your current plan and want to extend for 24 months, you can request this at the end of your plan. For people who need to review their current plan or are heading into their first planning meeting, the NDIA is planning to do all meetings over the phone where possible.

NDIA offices are now closed to the public which means you are unable to have a face-to face meeting. Please ask me if you are unsure about any of this information.

Section 5

Section 5 Auslan Video

For people on the Disability Support Pension from Centrelink, there will be two payments of $750 made into your account. The first payment will be made between 12thMarch -13thApril, 2020. The second payment will be on 10thJuly, 2020. For more information, see the link below:

Payments to Support Households PDF Document

Section 6

Section 6 Auslan Video

General information about how to look after yourself, new rules, where to get help if needed and what we need to do, is on the PDF file.

Easy English Coronavirus PDF Document

Section 7

Section 7 Auslan Video

Coronavirus. What is it? The Coronavirus is like a flu or bad cold. It is also called Covid-19. It can make you sick and have the following symptoms: Bad fever, cough, sore throat or trouble breathing.

Some people will only get a little bit sick, while others will get very sick and need to go to hospital. Coronavirus is all over Australia now. There will probably be a lot more people sick with Coronavirus in Australia soon.

Section 8

Section 8 Auslan Video

You can prepare yourself next time you are out at the shops collecting items. Here are some things you can do to prepare: Make sure you have a full supply of your medicine and necessary prescriptions for your health.

Make sure you have enough of important personal medical supplies such as oxygen probes, catheters and feeding tubes. Many of these items are made overseas and are running out. Make sure you have a good supply of any special dietary foods you need, like Gluten-free, Lactose-free and the like. Make sure you have enough hand sanitiser, gloves, masks and wipes. Make sure for these particular items, you have enough for a month or more.

Section 9

Section 9 Auslan Video

Here are some things you can do to keep safer through this time: Wash your hands back and front with soap many times every day. Count to 20 every time you wash your hands or sing the happy birthday song twice while you do it. Wash your hands before and after you eat. Obviously, washing your hands after going to the toilet. If you cough or sneeze, try to catchit in your elbow. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer gel after you touch things, like: shopping trolleys, light switches, door handles, computer, tv, anything you share.

Stay away from people who are coughing or sneezing because the virus can come through the air into your body. Try not to touch your eyes, nose or mouth with your hands. If the virus is on your hands, it might go into your body Ask your support workers to wash their hands often and to stay away if they are sick.

Make sure you have an emergency contact list somewhere obvious, like your fridge. If you get sick a lot or are immune-compromised, have diabetes, poor lungs or are asmoker, you might be at higher risk of getting very sick. Try online shopping for your food and supermarket needs. Avoid going out to visit friends. It is better to stay home. Use online video, like Zoom or Skype to catch up with a friend. Place a sign on your door to ask sick people to stay away.

Section 10

Section 10 Auslan Video

Nationally, there has been new rules set up in Australia that we must adhere to. Restaurants and many places like bowling and cinemas are now all closed.

This is to stop people from giving coronavirus to other people by accident. Some disability services are closed too, but some essential services that you really need will stay open.

People in Australia are not allowed to gather together in groups now. Not even for a funeral or wedding or big family dinner. Your support workers might work with you using video calling programs and not visit you at home for a while. You will be safer if you stay at home and do not go out. You should not touch anyone no shaking hands or hugging is allowed. You should keep 2 metres away from everyone. 2metres is about as long as a big car. Stay away from people, except for those who live in your house. The rules about Coronavirus in Australia change a lot and there might be more new rules soon.

Section 11

Section 11 Auslan Video

If you get sick, you can call the Coronavirus Hotline for FREE anytime, day or night on 1800 020080 through video relay and talk to someone for advice. If you get a fever, and a cough and are worried, stay home and make an appointment with your doctor.

You might need to wear a mask if you go see the doctor. If you have a cold and are very sick or breathing is hard for you, call an ambulance on 000. To find out more details about the new coronavirus, here are two good links:

2019 NCOV Health Alert

Coronavirus 2019

Section 12

Section 12 Auslan Video

This is a video explaining about Covid-19 and how that is affecting people with disabilities and their families. It has captions and there is an Auslan version coming soon.

So keep checking for updates in relation to this. This video has information for people of all different disabilities so some information will apply to you and some will not.

There is really good general information on this link:

Covid 19 Auslan Explaination Video