Eddie Szczepanik



Rita Kleinfield-Fowell

Deputy Chair


Matt Heaton

Secretary (supported by Karen Wickham)


Jennifer Weir


Deaf Blind. Forty three years experience as a registered nurse.
Interest: Blind golf and advocacy the future of the DeafBlind.

Melissa Evans


My name is Melissa Evans and I am a Deafblind Consultant and Senior Physiotherapist who has worked at Senses Australia since 2007. I work in the Busselton office – enjoying the beach, digital technology and media, family and crochet. I am privileged to be part of the Deafblind community in this voluntary role for DBWA

Roberto Trimboli

Website Administrator


Penny Rogers

Grant Writer (supported by Meredith Prain)


Libby Mitchell

Social Media (supported by Melissa Evans)

I am Wilma Brass, I have Usher II and was born with hipdisplasia. I was born in the Netherlands; I emigrated to Australia in '78 I worked for 10 years as a social trainer. My hobbies are painting, playing the piano and reading good books on my Kindle. Technology is a Godsend to keep me in the game with all 3 hobbies.

Greg Madson/Erika Webb

Policy & Governance

I have lived-experience of disability, as a person with Albinism, resulting in vision impairment.
I have expertise is in; social media, board governance, systemic and advocacy, policy development, administration, event planning, record keeping, archival documentation and document management.
I have been working tirelessly in paid roles and as a volunteer on various issues for people who are blind or vision impaired or deafblind and the disability sector.
I have a great number of skills, knowledge and has been doing systemic advocacy in areas of
^ access to the built environment,
^ accessible public transport,
^ pedestrian and cyclist issues relating to people with disabilities and
^ access to accessible alternative information for people with print disabilities.

Sharyn Mitchell

Event Coordinator (supported by Karen Wickham)


Jessica Cosgrove

Volunteer Coordinator (supported by Linni Oliver)


Peter Cliff

Committee Member