DBWA Logo. Map of WA as dots with DBWA as Braille dots and the words Deafblind West Australians under the Braille as white words and images on a Navy background
DBWA Logo. Map of WA as dots with DBWA as Braille dots and the words Deafblind West Australians under the Braille as white words and images on a Navy background.

Deafblind Camp 2021 in Western Australia

Due to COVID-19 the 2020 Western Australian Deafblind Camp has had to be postponed until March 2021, see details below.

“Glitz & Glamour on the Red Carpet”
NEW DATE: Friday the 12th of March to Monday the 15th of March, 2021
Woodman Point, Coogee South of Fremantle, Western Australia.

For more information about the Deafblind Camp 2021, please go to our Deafblind Camp 2021 page

Preparing to Abseil putting on a harness at WA DB Camp in 2014
Preparing to Abseil putting on a harness

WA Deafblind Camp 2021 Auslan Video

Below is a link to a Auslan video with information on the WA Deafblind camp 2021

WA Deafblind camp Auslan Video

Video Transcript:

Hello. My name is Eddie Szczepanik from Perth, WA. Hello to all Deafblind campers and volunteers. We wanted to give you the latest update about the WA Deafblind camp.

The camp will now be held on March 2021. Thank you all for your patience in waiting for this announcement in relation to the WA Deafblind camp. We had hoped that the COVID-19 situation would have been resolved by November of this year. If that turned out to be the case then the camp could have still gone ahead but because of what is happening in Victoria, unfortunately the camp cannot go ahead in November.

We did not want the camp to go ahead without our eastern state friends having the opportunity to attend. So, we requested for an extension for the funding to run the camp. The funding body approved this request and allowed the extension to use the funds by April 2021. That means the money to run the camp must be spent by that time.

We checked with the camp site for availability and have now made a booking for the camp to be held on the following dates: Friday 12th March to Monday 15th March, 2021.

This video announcement is to advise that everything to do with the camp is basically the same for the full four days. Only the date has been changed from November 2020, to March of 2021.

The camp will still be run at Woodman Point, Coogee, the same camp site as last time. Activities at the camp will go ahead as originally planned. The Planning Committee has been working hard to make sure that everyone understands the changes and can still proceed with their plans to attend the camp, here in WA.

Flights will need to be booked or changed and if you plan to bring your own Comm-guide, their availability will need to be confirmed for the new dates. An invoice will be sent out to all Deafblind campers for $150, by the end of November so that you will be able to pay for camp. We will be in touch with all individuals to confirm that you are still able to attend the camp in March.

Hopefully, the quarantine restrictions will be lifted by then and everyone can come to Perth. If for some reason, that doesn’t happen and restrictions are still in place, we unfortunately will not be able to extend the camp date again and the camp will go ahead as scheduled for those who are able to get here. If you have paid for the camp and are unable to attend, refunds will be made available. If people are unable to attend for that reason, it would be a major disappointment for all of us. So, fingers crossed the government keeps on top of the COVID-19 situation and controls the spread of the virus, and hopefully the borders will be open again soon enough.

We are trying our best to make sure that all the national Deafblind community have the opportunity to come to this important event. But, as you know, some things are out of our control. So, be positive that everything will turn out for the best. And please, please let us know if you have any concerns or questions. We will be in touch again soon in regard to what will happen next. See you all in March! Love you guys! Bye for now.

Reporting abuse and neglect of people with disability

People with disability in Australia are more likely to experience abuse, neglect, violence and exploitation than people without disability. Every person with disability has the right to feel and be safe. If you think abuse, neglect, violence or exploitation is happening to a person with disability, you need to report it. We all have a responsibility to make our community safe.

Find out more at our Reporting abuse and neglect webpage

Deafblind West Australians

Deafblind West Australians provides support and network opportunities for people living with deafblindness in Western Australia.


The DBWA organisation represents people who are deafblind living in Western Australia. This group is currently run by Members and supported by Senses Australia with the intention of becoming autonomous.

Bibbulmun Track Group photo

  • We support people who are deafblind to live fulfilling lives.
  • We help members to undertake activities they would find difficult without support.
  • We organise social events to enable our deafblind members to network and make new friends.
  • We organise educational and training experiences for our members in areas such as medical research, technology and other supports related to deafblindness.
  • We advocate for change and better support for our members and raise awareness of deafblindness in the community.

COVID-19 Information

For information and resources on Coronavirus (COVID19) please go to our COVID19 page