DBWA Logo. Map of WA as dots with DBWA as Braille dots and the words Deafblind West Australians under the Braille as white words and images on a Navy background
DBWA Logo. Map of WA as dots with DBWA as Braille dots and the words Deafblind West Australians under the Braille as white words and images on a Navy background.

Deafblindness is described as a unique and isolating sensory disability resulting from the combination of both hearing and vision loss or impairment. This has a significant affect on communication, socialisation, mobility and daily living

People who are deafblind can and do achieve their goals, with the right supports and services.

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INVITE – DBWA 2 Events – Wednesday 21 June and Tuesday 27 June 2023

Event 1 – Reforming Disability Law: Have Your Say

Wednesday 21st June at The Rise Maylands.

Event 2.

– Deafblind Awareness Week (DBAW)

Tuesday 27th June at Perth City Farm East Perth.

Event: Reforming Disability Law: Have Your Say

Important Deafblind Community Consultation with the Department of Communities

“Reforming Disability Law: Have Your Say”

Please see video for details

When: Wednesday the 21st of June 1- 3pm.

This event will be held at the DBWA Connect Hub

Where: The RISE Community Centre, 28 Eighth Avenue, Maylands

Auslan Interpreters provided

Afternoon tea provided

Please book your communication guides promptly

Department of Communities have requested the deafblind communities input in this important law reform. Laws have not been changed for 30 years and DBWA wishes to ensure that deafblind is part of this new disability legislation.

Your opinion and experience is important please attend.

The Government is now arranging for a consultation to take place, seeking feedback and suggestions from the community in regard to how they can improve the law to benefit all of us.

Please watch this video which is in Auslan, Captions and Spoken English. You might need to watch it a few times as there is a lot to understand.

Link to the video:

Download the Video Transcript:

Have Your Say – Reforming WA Disability Law.

The first topic in the consultation paper is about how we define disability in the law.
The government wants to know how best to define disability in the law.
This is important because a person needs to meet the definition of disability in law to be able to get services and support.

WA disability law says that a disability is when you have one or more of these types of disability:

Secondly, the law should recognize the impact Deafblindness has on individuals every day.
It’s not just being Deaf and not only being blind, but having dual sensory loss.
The disability law has a list of important beliefs.
In the law, these are called principles.
The beliefs, or principles, say that people with disabilities should be respected.

And thirdly, not all Deafblind people are the same.
We experience differences during the day and night.
Some people have very good experiences, while others do not.

The next topic the WA Government wants your opinion about is rules that protect people with disability from being hurt, treated badly or taken advantage of by providers of disability supports and services.

These are called safeguards.
The WA Government wants to know if you could think of other ways to properly protect people with disability when it comes to state disability supports and services.

The major topics of this consultation / feedback session are:

  1. How will we define Disability in the Law in WA.
  2. Principals that apply to people with disabilities.
  3. Rules that protect people from abuse.

  4. Ministerial Advisory Council on Disability.

This consultation and feedback sessions is a good opportunity to be involved in making changes to make our future better in Western Australia.

The Department of Communities want your feedback at the Reforming Disability Law: Have Your Say session on Wednesday 21st June at The Rise in Maylands.

Come along AND share your feedback.

Have your say: Reforming Western Australia’s disability legislation.

Here you can find more information:

or Email Erika Webb:erika@dbwa.org.au

Please watch the video a few times.

Link to the video:

Download the Video Transcript”

The Department of Communities want your feedback at the Reforming Disability Law: Have Your Say session on Wednesday 21st June at The Rise in Maylands.
Come along and share your feedback.

Event: Deafblind Awareness Week (DBAW)


Deafblind West Australians are inviting you to celebrate Deafblind Awareness Week (DBAW).

Deafblind Awareness Week (DBAW) is celebrated internationally each year to coincide with Helen Keller’s birthday on 27 June.

Please join us to celebrate

Please join us for this very special event celebrating Deafblind Awareness Week

Where: Perth City Farm
1 City Farm Place, East Perth. WA 6004

When: 27th June, 2023
Time: 10am – 12 pm please arrive on time


An incredible permanent Art Installation, designed and made by Deafblind West Australians will be unveiled.

Celebrating DBAW theme “A Senses of Community”

Presentations by people with lived experience of deafblindness: Achievements, Peer Support, Employment and DB Awareness.

Morning Tea will be provided.

Auslan interpreters on site

Everyone is welcome, deafblind, vision impaired, blind, Deaf, hard of hearing HOH, family, friends, supporters, Auslan students, volunteers, service providers, educators, health care and the broader community.

Please register with: karen.wickham@senses.org.au

This event is organised by Deafblind West Australians, with thanks to SensesWA, Mosaics Association of Australia and New Zealand (MAANZ) and funded by Deafblind Information Australia

Deafblind West Australians hopes you come along to these events and be a part of the Deafblind community.

See Us, Hear Us, Know Us, Join Us!

Promoting accessible resources for inclusive voting in Australia

Translations in Auslan, Easy English, and Plain Language about the upcoming referendum have been released.

Go here for more info: Promoting accessible resources for inclusive voting

DBWA Connect

Deafblind West Australians has created an opportunity for people who are deafblind to “connect” at our DBWA Connect Drop In Centre.

DBWA Connect Christmas Carols 2021

The DBWA Connect Drop In centre is open on Wednesday (fortnightly), We are a drop in centre focused on assistive and adaptive technology literacy in the Deafblind Community. The DBWA Connect Drop In centre is where people who are deafblind can help each other.

Come along and learn basic Auslan from 1PM to 2PM as part of DBWA Connect.

The DBWA Connect Drop In centre is located at The Rise, 28 Eighth Avenue Maylands from 12:30PM to 4PM

DBWA Connect Drop in Centre on Facebook
DBWA Connect

For more details contact our Events planner via email events@dbwa.org.au

Deafblind West Australians

Deafblind West Australians provides support and network opportunities for people living with deafblindness in Western Australia.

The DBWA organisation represents people who are deafblind living in Western Australia. This group is currently run by Members and supported by Senses Australia with the intention of becoming autonomous.

Bibbulmun Track Group photo

  • We support people who are deafblind to live fulfilling lives.
  • We help members to undertake activities they would find difficult without support.
  • We organise social events to enable our deafblind members to network and make new friends.
  • We organise educational and training experiences for our members in areas such as medical research, technology and other supports related to deafblindness.
  • We advocate for change and better support for our members and raise awareness of deafblindness in the community.

Scams Awareness in the Deafblind Community

Scams Awareness in the Deaf Community. New Auslan video: scams awareness

This short video (3 minutes and 15 seconds) in Auslan will tell you about how to watch out for scams and protect yourself against them. It also contains information about the most common scam types Consumer Protection sees.

The Video has captions and spoken English.

watch out for scams and protect yourself Auslan Video

Report a scam
Scam reporting is vital to disrupting scammers.

Use our Report a scam form if you have encountered a scammer or ask for further advice by contacting WA ScamNet on 1300 304 054
WA ScamNet can also assist via TTY/Voice 133 677 or speak and listen (SSR) 1300 555 727

WA ScamNet website

Reporting abuse and neglect of people with disability

People with disability in Australia are more likely to experience abuse, neglect, violence and exploitation than people without disability. Every person with disability has the right to feel and be safe. If you think abuse, neglect, violence or exploitation is happening to a person with disability, you need to report it. We all have a responsibility to make our community safe.

Find out more at our Reporting abuse and neglect webpage

COVID-19 Information

For information and resources on Coronavirus (COVID19) please go to our COVID19 page