On this page you will find information on current Projects undertaken by Deafblind West Australians.

See us, Hear us, Know us, Join us – Deafblind Capacity Building Project

Deafblind West Australians would host three awareness events per year in line with National and International Awareness days.

One event per year, a mini conference with deafblind presenters sharing their stories and knowledge with each other, service providers, educators and the broader community.

Two social events per year for members to come together to share their stories and experiences, mentor and celebrate the deafblind community achievements whilst
increasing capacity and social skills for this isolated population.

People around a table Wine Tasting in 2016

This project seeks to build capacity within members by providing opportunities to meet in settings where communication needs are facilitated so members can come together where they can communicate with ease and are included. The project also seeks to build the capacity of the Deafblind West Australians Board members as Board members and running this group autonomously.

This 3 year project starting in march 2020 is funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Information Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) Grant in collaboration with Deafblind West Australians Inc.

2019 Australia Post Community Grant

a tree with multiple trunks that have been yarn bombed with woolen squares

Deafblind West Australians Active is a support group that combines the arts and well-being activities for people with a dual sensory disability. The project will share a message of inclusion whilst beautifying the community.

crochet squares joined together as a blanket