What is Deafblindness?

What is Deafblindness?

Deafblindness is a unique and isolating sensory disability resulting from the combination of both hearing and vision loss or impairment with significant impacts on communication, socialisation, mobility and daily living.

Causes of Deafblindness

There are over 70 known causes of deafblindness. Causes can be categorised into two groups: acquired (loss is acquired later in life) or congenital (child is born deafblind for example: prenatal infection, genetic/ chromosomal syndromes or birth trauma). When people hear the word “deafblind” they often think it means seeing and hearing nothing at all – but it doesn’t have to. Some deafblind people are totally blind and profoundly deaf, but most have some useful vision, hearing or both.

History of Deafblind West Australians

The Usher syndrome (a cause of deafblindness) Support Group was established by Senses Australia in 2007 to provide support for people who have Usher syndrome, their families, carers and friends. The group was renamed in 2015 to encompass the entire West Australians deafblind community.
The group meets regularly to provide information, education, advocacy, recreation opportunities and to establish fun, supportive social networks for people living with deafblindness.

To get involved and find out more

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Events and activities we’ve organised and participated in include:

  • Recreation activities e.g. water-skiing, canoeing, bushwalking, rock climbing, camps
  • Information sessions e.g. mini conference on deafblindness, assistive technology, guide dogs, genetic testing
  • Social networking e.g. Christmas picnic, dinners, pub catch ups, community events
  • Advocacy e.g. meeting with and writing to politicians, raising community awareness